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From data to a decision

From data to a decision
Data, information, know-how, decisions

Business intelligence provides information you need in the form you desire. Allows users a faster enterprise-wide search for information, automated report generation and analyses on request.

Business intelligence changes the way business is conducted. As a technological innovation it can help make your organisation more competitive and profitable in collaboration with the personnel, processes and corporate culture.

Data storage

Data storage is an electronic storage or structured data that not only stores it, but also handles inquiries and provides data analyses. It is centrally managed and combines various sources of information for organisations (CRM systems, ERP systems, financial systems, SCM systems and more). Users can further enter necessary data, merge data, analyse it, group it and export it for the purposes of presentations and decision-making.
Fiduro offers related consultation, installation and configuration of data storage.

Data transformation

Over the years, data in a company originating from various systems mounts. Data has to be evaluated, merged and prepared in such a way that it can be used by decision support systems.

Decision support systems

Decision support systems evaluate data according to algorithms and present it to company management in the form of spreadsheets, charts and complex analyses.

Points of Interest

The key indicator of successful implementation of business intelligence is the effect it has on business efficiency and effectiveness.