An excellent IT system requires professional, flexible and responsive support.
Fiduro d.o.o. fits your needs.

We provide the maintenance and support for your company's information systems that best suits your requirements and your budget.

Regular monthly preventative maintenance

Regular monthly maintenance
Regular monthly maintenance

Regular monthly maintenance corrects most hidden faults which if left undetected can grow bigger and prevent the user from working.

We run the following tests on each visit:

  • Inspection of all computer and communications software;
  • Inspection of antivirus software operation;
  • Detection and removal of undesired software, any viruses and other potential faults that could prevent work on the computer;
  • Detection and cleaning of registry errors;
  • Installation of software updates and upgrades;
  • Hard disk defragmentation;
  • Inspection of computer logs;
  • Inspection of the network to ensure an undisturbed work process;
  • If backups are not made automatically, a backup is made to external media.

Regular annual preventative maintenance

All hardware must be examined even more thoroughly at least once a year. In addition to the above, such an inspection includes:

  • Physical cleansing of computers (dust, dirt).
    This prevents dust and other dirt from causing malfunctions, which significantly prolongs hardware lifespan;
  • Detailed inspection of all software installed on the computers.
    This is primarily a proactive approach aimed at preventing malfunction of workstations and therefore preventing interruptions in the work process;
  • Inspection of all communications software and installation of any updates.

Remote support

Remote support can be used to correct simple faults in computer and communications software, to assist you in using office applications and more.

Telephone and e-mail support. Telephone and e-mail can be used to resolve most issues that surface every day and can be resolved by the user following instructions. If the issue cannot be resolved that way, we visit the premises and resolve it on site.

Remote support. Issues can be resolved from a distance. A Fiduro assistant connects to the remote desktop. This is the most effective way of resolving issues, because they can be handled quickly and the user loses hardly any time in his work process.

On-site support

If issues cannot be resolved by remote access, an expert needs to visit the site. Fiduro specialists will carry out the necessary work on your premises.


We at Fiduro understand that the vast choice of software and hardware makes it difficult to decide on the right one for you. Fiduro provides expert consultation adapted to your needs. We help you find what you are looking for.

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After years of experience, the Fiduro motto “prevention is better than cure” has proven to be the best type of maintenance.